Monday, September 24, 2018

I'm getting ready for Rosebud Treasure Day 10/6 and have been busy, busy, busy.  These days I usually have a few crafts going at once waiting for paint to dry, glue to dry, etc.  Here are a few of the items I am taking with me. 

If anyone is interested in one let me know.  I can't guarantee I will have them after 10/6 because apparently this is a super busy event with tons of people coming every year.  Rosebud, MO is a small town with lots of antique malls and specialty shops.  It is a really cool place.



Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I've started making doll furniture.  I have decided I like working with wood and different kinds and colors of paint.  I did start a page, so far only one item is listed - Barbie Fireplace.  It was a fun project and doesn't every Barbie need a fireplace?  It is a one of a kind gift idea - Christmas is coming.  I have more furniture for baby dolls to add soon.  I hope you like them! 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Wow, lots happening.  On the bad side the truck I've had for 8 mos blew an engine through no fault of mine according to the mechanic BUT lots of exciting things too.

Since I have to pay for a motor for the truck and thank heavens for help from my Mom or I wouldn't be getting one, I'm going to close one of my booths I have in shops and try my hand at selling online again.  This time, however, I have a good friend who has been doing it for years and years and she is helping me with all kinds of advice and suggestions!  I have a good feeling about it and am stoked.

That being said this blog is going to go through a major overhaul so be patient and check in often to see what's new!

In the meantime.......................

Need a gift? Want to get some more pop in your decor? Here are 3 wreaths that can help. I can ship but shipping would be added. I do accept paypal.
Lil This n Lil That wreath, 13".....$17.95
Shabby Chic wreath, 10" ...........$13.95
Kiss The Cook, 13" ....................$19.95

Monday, June 18, 2018

So many things happening and a very exciting event.  Just to show you that you should NEVER say Never about anything you want to do or happen.  I was convinced that I would be living in the mobile home park that I had my mobile home until I died.  I was content and accepted that though I always wanted a yard for my dogs.  Well things came to a head when the park took over everyone's water and "averaged" it with mine being about twice what I thought it should be.  Sooooo that got me looking around at options.  My trailer was old but paid for and had new sub floors so I thought if I could get financing maybe...........

Well I found an acre, talked to about a bank about a loan to move it and I was sure that neither of these things would be OK'd because my credit rating wasn't that high and you know, those other "lucky" people had things like this happen.  Well I was wrong.  I did get approved for the loan for moving expenses which were a lot but not as much as I anticipated and I also got approved for the property.  YEAH!  That's why I say NEVER say Never - go for your dreams, goals whatever.  As my Mother has always told me it Never (there is that word again) give up without trying.
Here is my backyard.  Grass seed isn't planted yet and I don't have a riding lawnmower but I used my push mower on the brush and got it that far.  Then my neighbor told me that when it rains there is a little creek at the point I stopped at and lots of snakes.  In my wisdom I decided to stop at that point with the push mower. 

There was some complications in the move and some other issues like a major water leak but I have awesome friends who came out built me a deck in the backyard and fixed the water leak.  I have lots of work to do on the property including putting up a fence for the dogs but I love it and everyday I look out my windows and can't believe how blessed I am!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wow it is almost February and Valentine's Day will be here soon.   Hopefully warm weather will be too.  I don't know about your weather but we have had some bitterly cold weather here in the midwest and my electric bill reflects it.  I think I almost had a heart attack when I saw it.  LOL.  I just keep saying soon, soon it will be warmer!  Of course, in the St. Louis area that means summers of 100 or so but that's ok.  I would take that any day over the cold. 

I've started on spring crafts for my booth.  Here are the 2 Valentine's wreaths I've made and I'm getting into dream catchers.  I love them. 

As always if you are interested in anything please email me at Fun Funky n Cool Creations and I can give you more info.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

November flew by and now Christmas is coming shortly.  I hope everyone reading this is healthy and happy.  Take care and have a wonderful Christmas in case I don't post before then.  Remember Jesus is the reason for the season! 

I've been working on gnomes and misc. other things.  I'm essentially done with all my Christmas projects except for a few gifts I need to make.  Life is pretty good right now.  The shop I have things in is doing ok and I love to have an outlet for my crafting.  Otherwise what do you do with all the stuff you make.  lol.

I'm so sad my 35+ year old glue gun is doing some strange, things.  It is bleeding glue rather than having it flow through.  LOL.  It might be time to retire.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Some of the Christmas wreaths I've been working on and ornaments too.    All are for sale at Sunflower Cottage in Sullivan, MO

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

WOW, it has been a busy month.  Getting wreaths made, now working on Christmas ornaments all for the shop.  I love it!   I wanted to stop in and tell everyone: