Helpful Crafting Links

This is where I will post links to helpful information to crafters, ok maybe, mostly crocheters but there will be others too.

A comb to hold nails  I have to try this.  I'm always hammering my fingers

Doll hair a mess? Try this

Dye wood for your projects

3 recipes for chalk paint  They are very helpful here if you have questions!

How to cut wine bottles with string and finger nail polish remover Haven't tried this yet but sounds easy.

For those that like to recycle 20 things to do w/plastic bottles

Great DIY G+ community I found

Windchimes out of recycled aluminum cans

25 DIY projects for old CD's

Newspaper logs

Putting a zipper in crochet items

Afghan and Blanket Measurements  This page has the measurements for all different sizes.

2000 Free Amigurumi patterns   This blog is absolutely awesome if you like to make Amigurumi

Head Size Chart  Chart for measurements for different ages.

Helpful hints crocheting with wire & beads for jewelry

Great idea for winding yarn balls  This girl is brilliant

Soaking cork before cutting you will need google translator or just follow pics

Woodworking tips and tricks

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