Free Baby blanket pattern

Here it is my first pattern.  Directions on top are for 2 colors, on the bottom are 3 colors.
Level:  Easy

What you need:  (see below for tester Jen Wismer Elber's version in colors and what she used)
1 pounder of color A (blue)
1 pounder of color B (white)
I used Lion Brand Pound of Love in White and Blue
'I' crochet hook
There is no scale - I do crochet loosely though so if you crochet tightly you might want to use an I hook to achieve the size.
Finished size is approximately 54x53 inches

Chain (ch) 
Double crochet (dc)
Single crochet (sc)
Slip Stitch (ss)
Shell (5 dc in a ch)
V (dc ch 1 dc)
Also need to know how to change colors at the end of a row.  Here is a video tutorial Crochet Guru changing colors at the end of a row or you may have your own way.

Ch 144, chain this loosely if your normally crochet tightly or you will not be able to get the shells in the chains.

First row:  dc in the 5th ch from hook,(first V made) sk 2 ch, *5dc in the next ch (first shell made) sk 2 ch, V in the next ch, sk 2 ch V in the next ch skip 2 ch* repeat from * to *  After last 5ch shell, sk next ch dc in the last ch sp,  ch3 and turn

Second row:  *5dc in 3rd dc of previous row's shell,  V in the next sp of the previous rows V. V in the next ch sp of the next V*  repeat across from * to * .  After last V dc in the top of 4th ch of the previous row.  Ch 3 turn.

You have established the pattern.  It is just repeated for 63 rows.

Here is the pattern of color I used in the above afghan.

6 rows A
4 rows B
12 rows A
4 rows B
6 rows A
4 rows B
12 rows A
4 rows B
6 rows A
4 rows B

Ch 1 and then sc all around the afghan.  I had 138 sc on the short sides and 145 on the long sides for a total of 466sc

Note:  At the corners ch 3 in the previous row's stitch. 

ss in the first sc when you have done your last sc

If you are not in your middle ch of the corner 3 then ss to the middle st 

Finishing row:  ch 3  5 dc in the same st, *sk 2 sc, sc in the next sc, sk 2 sc 5 dc in the next sc*, repeat from *to* all the way around.

Note:  if you sc in the corner st then put 3 sc in that st
           if you have a cluster on the corner you will put 6 dc in that st

This will be determined by how many sc you have on the sides.  It looks fine no matter how it works out.  
ss in the top of the ch 3 to finish.  Tuck in all ends and you are done.

Thank you Betty Myeburger Sagel, Jen Wismer Elbers and Dina Royer Collier for being my preliminary testers.

Jen used:
Size G hook
Bernat Baby Sport yarn (3)
Blue 273 yrds
Peach 507 yrds
White 429 yrds
She did 2 sc row around rather than 1 and her finished size was 43" x 36"

Thanks Jen for testing.

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