Friday, October 12, 2012

Today is a new beginning for me.  I am starting Fun, Funky and Cool Creations.  This is what I lovingly call my craft creations!  I hope to show and sell some of them here but I also want to connect with other crafters, talk about what they do, where they find good products - especially sales, my all time favorites.  If someone is stuck on a project maybe there are others out there that can help or have ideas.

My crafts are anything from handmade cards, crochet, embroidery - the old fashion type, (I haven't a clue how to do it on a machine) and jewelry making.  I also love to get things from resale shops that are different or odd and see what I can make. 

It'll take me awhile to get everything set up the way I like it and to show you my creations cause I'm new to this blogging, so be patient, stop by often and most of all have fun!

The loves of my life are my 2 Boxers, Kinzie and Carly and you'll probably hear about them too. 

Please make yourself at home and tell me about yourself and what you like to do! 


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