Saturday, June 22, 2013

Idea for jump rings

OK, here is a savings tip for you.  I have wanted some colored jump rings lately for some projects but I don't want 100 of just one color.  Today I was in Walmart cutting through the office supply aisle and saw colored medium circle paperclips.  The brain started whirling and I thought why not try using these.
Soooooo, I rush home to try and ta da.....................
Now I will admit that paperclips are a bit more difficult to work with than jewelry wire but being the cheap person I am I can get 3-4 good rings out of one clip and there are 100 clips in a pack.  I did have to use a regular pair of pliers to hold the wire against the pencil when I started because the surface was bigger.

So I spent $2.88 and will get approximately 350-400 varied colored jump rings, allowing for mess ups cause I always have some of them.  LOL

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