Monday, June 10, 2013

Yesterday I made a fun necklace just for me which is very unusual because I'm all about my projects for craft fairs. 

Anyway I don't know how many of the crafters out there reading this follow Mark Montana on FB or You Tube but I highly recommend doing so-he has great projects.  I have only been following for the last couple months and I am hooked.

Ok, back to the subject at hand-the necklace I actually made for myself was from Mark's tutorial How to Make a Chunky Junk Charm Choker

Here is mine (instead of 3 strands, I only have 2 because like  a dimwit I used too light of chain for the third strand and it couldn't hold the weight but I still love it.  It was fun going through all the stuff I had been collecting from my thrift store jaunts.

I used thrift store pieces, some things I had made and painted washers! 

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