Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wow, never have taken so many pics

LOL, I am getting ready for a craft fair 9/21 at R&R in St. Clair, MO.  So I decided to take pics of all my jewelry so I can get it posted here.  Today I did all the necklaces that I am taking.  I'll post them in the next day or 2.  Right now I'm working on more braided wrap friendship bracelets.  My hand has given out as far as crocheting for the time being.  LOL, been doing lots and its saying "give me a rest, give me a rest" and just to prove its point my numb finger is number (is that a word?- not the # but more numb) and my wrist is hurting.  Oh well, it can have a rest for a week or so while I make some jewelry.

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!  We're supposed to get cooler weather by the end of the week!  I can't wait.

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