Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holy Moly most people are worrying about getting ready for Thanksgiving - me, I'm crocheting like crazy to be ready the weekend after.  I got some Teenage Ninja Turtle hats done.  Now I'm worried they may be too big for kids.  Oh well, moving on to some girl hats.

This time of year especially everyone should stop and think about how blessed we are.  I know times are tough for everyone but if you have internet you're definitely a step up on a lot of people.  I saw a friend today that I haven't seen for quite a while.  She has had dreams and goals of moving out of MO and everything has come crashing down on her in the past year:  no job, can't sell her mobile, having health issues.  I gave her hugs and told her I'm always here for her but it brought it to the forefront that I am blessed.  I have Lupus, but no problems lately.  I have a roof over my head, car in my driveway and though I don't have a high social security amount I have what I have and that's great.

So I guess my point is to definitely be thankful what you have because it could always be worse.

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