Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yesterday I was driving home from Hermann and a switched the radio to 99.1 (a station I had never listened to before) and a song came on that I don't know who sung it or what the name of it was. I caught a part that basically said Why doesn't the Lord do something about poverty, tragedy, abuse taking place, etc. The Lord answered that He did, He made you with abilities to make change.
This touched my heart. I have a God-given gift - my ability to crochet and I'm only using it for my benefit. So starting this year, one day a week I am going to crochet for worthy causes. It may be the nursery at the hospital, McCauley Clinic, Mom's in need. When I get a bunch gathered, hopefully once a month I will drop them off at the appropriate place.
I invite you to think about talents you have, we all have some, and help people in your area in some way.  It can be crocheting like me, sewing, building, giving things or food to the needy.  It doesn't have to be anything major.  There are all kinds of needs out there.

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