Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We have been having some awesome weather!  It has been in the 80's and cools off at night.  I've been in a gardening craze.  Last year I didn't plant or do anything in the yard so this year I'm planting flowers all over.  Here are some.

Then I had this old table and I redid the color and I got this metal suitcase for $3.  I love how this looks.  

This was an old pot hanger that was all green.  I painted the bird part yellow and then took one of the standard green hanging pots and painted it turquoise.  I also planted some Marigolds (I've read they are supposed to keep mosquitos and moles away so we'll see) and some Gerber daisies.  Next month's budget will be mulch.

More things to do but I only do one project a day so that I don't get wiped out.  


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