Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wow, it is August in mid MO and we are having the most incredible weather.  It is only in the 70's NOT 100.  I think it is great.  I should go cut grass but ............... I'm working on the crochet forever babies.  Meaning they are taking me forever to get done.  Anyway progress is being made.  

The dogs are all chillin' and Kiera is snoring so loud, I bet the neighbors can hear her.  LOL.  I'm glad she doesn't do that at bedtime.  She's an unusual baby.  I, of course, have only had her since the end of June.  Supposedly a roommate abandoned her and the remaining lady didn't want to keep her.  She has always gotten along with Ripley and Kinzie but is now just learning to play with Ripley.   She's thin and gets stressed easily but we are working on getting her to relax.  Poor girl just seems like she is afraid to do anything.  She certainly isn't nearly as active as the usual Boxer.  The lady told me she was too needy but really she isn't.  She loves to get petted but doesn't every dog?   She does look like she is happy here though.

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