Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hope everyone is having a great week.  I've finished a shawl (pics to come) and am working on a Hello Kitty hat and ami.  The weather around here is gorgeous - I need to cut the grass (does this sound like a repeating mantra????) but my crochet is calling.

I've posted a new recipe for breakfast tacos that look absolutely amazing.  Check it out on the Recipe page 

I've also posted a link on the Helpful Craft Links page for those of you that like woodworking or want to get started in woodworking.  It has tons of helpful hints for all kinds of projects.

On the home front, most of the carpet is out of the living room and I have the wood for a new floor.  My goal is to get it down before Thanksgiving - wish me luck.

side note:   OMG, my windows are open and the trash truck is going down the street and it STINKS!

ok back on track - - I did find chairs to go with my 1950's kitchen table which I have to redo.  I was excited to find out that there is paint you can use on vinyl/plastic.  Here is an article that reviews 3 different types Testing vinyl paint on furniture In case anyone else is interested in refurbishing some old furniture.

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