Thursday, June 22, 2017

This is one of those personal post that I've done in the past.  I don't do them very often but this month has been an interesting month for me.  I finally did get my sub floor and then put down the tile in my second craft room which is fantastic.  I moved all the stuff I wanted back into it.  I did de-stash quite a bit and threw out quite a bit.  It is bad when you have so much stuff that you don't know what you have so when you need something you go buy it.

I also at the beginning of the month stopped my anti-depressant.  The great news is for 3 weeks I felt really good, I had energy and wanted to get stuff done.  The bad news is my mood swings are back and I feel I better go back on it.  This is one of those Catch 22's but I am determined to keep up with the forward motion.

On the Lupus front it has been in over drive.  The pain is constant and I feel so bad for my sister because she has Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with all kinds of pain too.  I wish I could take it away for her but at least we each support each other.  I know there are lot of you out there with these diseases and I pray for everyone.  Everybody hang in there.  


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