Friday, July 19, 2013

Fight with a vacuum cleaner

How is everyone holding up in this heat??????  I cut the grass last night and thought I was going to suffocate with the humidity.

If any of you are regular visitors to my blog you know that I don't like house cleaning AT ALL and only motivate once in a great while.  Well yesterday I decided it had been about 10 days since I vacuumed and needed to do the whole house.  I have a vacuum that you have to empty the canister when the dog hair fills it up and it does a great job-when I can get the stupid canister to clip in correctly.  Otherwise its useless.

Sooooo, last time I vacuumed when I was done, cleaned the canister and was going to have it all ready for next time.  Well, 15 minutes later after trying everything from taking it all apart, being gentle, being rough, swearing and talking nice it was still a no-go.  So I just set it aside and thought it would go better next time.  HA

I again spent 10 minutes repeating everything I had done previously and I still couldn't vacuum.  My Mom was coming over and actually has the same vacuum I do so she brought it over for me to use.  OK, now IO can get this job done.  Mom sat done with my vacuum and 2 minutes later my canister is in place.

OK, I have 2 vacuums and I'm ready to go.  I'm going to do this job if it kills me.  So I use my vacuum, fill the canister, empty the canister, try to get it back on and its a no-go.  Mom's gone she can't help soooo, I tell myself to remain calm---I have another vacuum I can use.

WRONG!!!!  Mom's was sucking but not pulling anything in - deduction hose clogged.  I am not going to take this sucker apart and go outside in 100 degree weather to clean out the hose.

Back to vacuum #1.  I ended up getting canister in- Finally figured out how to baby it in.   WRONG!!!  It  took about 5 minutes between each time I emptied the canister, sometimes babying, hitting, wiggling, adjusting and always swearing to get the thing back on.  With 3 dogs there is a lot of emptying to do; can you imagine my mood at this point????????????

2 1/2 hours from start to finish and yes at the end my canister broke at the top.  Can you all see why I hate house cleaning! 

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