Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taking a nap with Colby. (my one year old black lab)
Lay down and think its going to be relaxing. Colby jumps in bed with me.
Colby: ok, where to lay, foot of bed, no not right. I need something, get off the bed. Jump back on the bed cause I have a toilet paper roll and I can chill chewing on it. Lay down on the other side of the bed. No that isn't right. I think Mom needs a kiss in her face-she says no. huh? Jump down, I have to get something else. Jump back up on bed cause I don't know what it is. Try to arrange the quilt just right to lay on it cause Mom's not using it. Lay down, nope not right. Jump down to bring a toy in bed that might help. Jump back up on bed cause now things are good. Lay down, still not comfy. Get up, root around with quilt because I can't get under it and being under it is usually good. Mom helps, mumbling something about "I better lay down". Get under the quilt at the foot of the bed but that's just not the right place. Come up to Mom's head give her another kiss in face to make sure she knows I love her and lay down next to her. Oh, Kinzie isn't in here better go look for her, jump off bed go in search. She's OK in the living room go back and jump on bed. Wait....I forgot something, there was a toy in the living room I wanted. Jump off bed. Go into living room, forget what for and go back and jump on bed. Hmmmm Mom's getting up. Wait, now I'm in my crate. I thought we were taking a nap together????????????

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